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About Artist


N.C.Vishnuprabha is a self-taught artist from TamilNadu, India. She started drawing at a very early age of 4..

Reading books on various methods of painting, analysing works of great masters, working with different artists, browsing through internet have been her inspiration to try variety of arts and crafts. Constant encouragement from her family and friends made her take up this inbuilt talent more seriously.

She is a dynamic artist in variety of arts and crafts like oil painting,tanjore painting, watercolor painting, glass painting, relief works, fabric painting, rangoli, soap carving,vegetable and fruit carving,metal embossing and many more.

She has also tried out drawing blind folded, continuous line drawing,drawing simultaneously with both hands, drawing inside an egg shell, drawing inside a bottle with small hole and simple animation stuffs and had succeeded in it.



She has been painting regularly and has been awarded the name 'Kalai Arasi' by Tamilnadu Kalai Ilakkiya Perumandram, 'Variyar Virudhu' by Kamban Kazhagam, outstanding young indian award-2006 for excellence in art by JCI and many more awards state wide since her school days.

She has her experience in teaching in this field. she is known for her skill in custom made paintings with her customers. Worked as an artist in an art gallery named 'Art and Decor' in Richmond, Virginia.